The Right Kind of Advice we Need To Hear in 2020

And now’s the best time to stop and listen.

Oct 23, 2020


Smiling girl in a room that sparkles with gentle purple light.
Photo by Valeria andersson on Unsplash

So there I was — sparkle-less.

Oh, as if the 2020 climate weren’t enough! Mean spirits are lurking around in this environment, I tell you. And social media? Don’t go there, my friends. The platforms are hostile right now.

See, I was searching for a quote for an article — my last article for this year is what I was thinking. And since it was for the last article, I needed to find a killer quote that would encourage other creatives.

I found it. And then some!

The quote is from Toni Morrison, and Goodreads offers it in its entirety. But when I dug deeper, I found a whole article with a back story. It makes the quote even more relevant. So, if you happen to be feeling drained or disillusioned, this one’s for you.

In 2015 for its 150th Anniversary Edition, The Nation featured that immensely profound article by Toni Morrison. Perhaps you read it. But if you didn’t, I’d like you to. The online magazine offers the archived article as a PDF. So please take a few minutes to sparkle up, my friends.




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