My Goodwill Job is To Pass These On To You

Words worth sharing

3 min readSep 30, 2022
A busy bee smeared with pollen investigating a flower
Photo of pollen smeared bee by author

I dip in, out; out, in
in the course of a week
I get smeared in pollen
so I’ll give you a peek

this place is a life-mine
where most anything goes
the gems are engrossing
if you dare to go deep

they stick and won’t let go
as authentic things do
and my job of goodwill
is to pass them to you
© 2022 selmamartin.com

So I’ve been thinking, what if I gave you a brief peek into a couple of
articles that spoke to me every week? Yes, I’ll set time aside for you to do just that: an earnest effort in cross-pollination. They’re not always the latest by the authors but the latest that land in my feed at the right time. I hope you enjoy my first in what, God willing, I hope to be a weekend series. Here goes.

From the extraordinarily talented Margie Willis, who publishes a PAL List weekly, and from who I got a spark for this idea. *wink* Margie writes on her About page:

“I spent 30+ years being linear and logical (tech writing),
then 10+ years learning to also be whimsical
and abstract (creative writing) and the entire time
I needed to write to breathe *smile*.”

From John O'Neill, who says in one of his pinned posts:

“Have to take off my cloak of invisibility
That must be the reason people look in my direction
And ignore what is inside
Being old is hard enough
Without seeing your image diminished
Through other people’s eyes
I’m still me
My spirit wants to cry out”

I see you, John, and I think you’re amazing.




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