Are you looking for God?

4 min readJul 11, 2018


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When we lose something that’s of some value to us, we pretty much have an idea of where to search for it. And more times than not, we have an image in our minds of what that object that’s gone missing looks like.

Let’s talk about that today. Where do we find God?


Most times we look for God in our schools and religious institutions, places where people who already ‘know’ God, congregate. Many times these places include our relatives and friends.

But ever so often we cringe at what we see. We feel insulted to go searching there.

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Some pious members behave nothing like what we think God’s people should be like. They carry themselves so badly, so different from the image of good God-people we welcomed into our hearts as youngsters.

And now that we’re older we can tell the difference.

We feel lost, disenchanted.

They do behave badly. But the problem with some of those ‘pious’ members is that they just haven’t recognized God within themselves.

“Wait a minute,” you say, “but these people are practicing Christians. They shouldn’t be behaving that way. They give God a bad name. That’s not the right way to serve God. They should ‘know’ better.”

You make a good point but it’s also okay for those people to behave however they like. It’s okay because they’re exercising something called free-will; they’re free to be!

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. —



Perhaps we hold images of what we think good God-people should be like. And the image we hold of God is of fear — a punishing mogul up there in heaven waiting for us to stumble so that he can rescue us; a joke; a threat, something frightening. Therefore we expect good God-people to be — in fear of God.

Uh, oh!

Is that the image of God and good God-people you have?

If that’s the case, then what you must do this minute is surrender that made up image of THAT God.


If we think of God as something outside ourselves, an image of what we think God is, that’s probably because somewhere (teachers, relatives, church?) we learned to associate that image with God.

If we spend some time exploring different teachings we might move from image to image, changing our perception.

Perhaps we’ve been learning about God the wrong way.

Spoiler: If you’ve come to this realization, you’re already a step ahead of others and closer to finding God.

I believe we all go through this search of God.

Disclaimer: I disassociated myself from God for a long time but that really was something I needed to go through. It made me stronger and perhaps a little wiser. You be the judge. I’ll add the link here in case you missed it in March.

Let me tell you HOW I’ve come to understand God. God is love — and you already know that love is NOT an image. Love is energy, a continuum.

Yes, God is love. God is compassion. God is kindness. God is acceptance.

And, do you want to know something really cool? God created us in His image. Hello!

Perhaps at this very moment you feel a need to disassociate with God; feel that believing in God’s just not working for you. The people in your church and school are stressing you out.

If so, remove yourself from there for a while if it’ll help in any way. But please don’t stop looking for God.

God is closer than you know!

Hint: instead of using our minds to imagine what God looks like and what God is not, let’s use our minds to experience God.


By being kinder, compassionate, loving; through acceptance and non-judgment.

God is closer than you think!

God created us in His image.

God is the LOVE WITHIN US. — The Bible


And one last thing, when you’re ready to seek out the God within you, all your Godlike attributes will come along and settle in the right place. But not until you are ready.


I Wish You Miracles.




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